February 22, 2024

How to Link a Group on Facebook to Your Page

Once your Facebook page has grown to a certain point, you may want to grow your group audience through cross-pollination. This is especially helpful for groups that have been around for some time and struggle with organic reach, as they could benefit from an infusion of new members.

One way to do this is by linking your group to your Page, which is a feature available through the new page experience (updated version: Pages Tabs). The process involves either having an admin on both the Facebook page and Group complete it, or if you are an administrator of the page and group, having an admin grant you the role on the other to allow you to link the two.

When you link your group to your Page, it becomes a part of the overall Page news feed. In addition, you can now post within your linked Group as your Page account instead of your personal profile. This allows you to maintain cohesive branding, and gives your audience the option of whether they follow you as a Page or as a personal account.

Moreover, you can now generate a Group Link that you can share with your Page followers to invite them to join the group. Using this link, they will be able to easily navigate to the group, access Group Info, and then tap “Join” on the screen. This will enable them to quickly add themselves to the group from any device.

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