February 23, 2024

How to Link a Facebook Page to a Group

When your Facebook page attracts a large audience, it may gain the attention of potential group members. Once you've reached this point, it's time to consider linking your fb page to the group so that people can join, comment, and engage with your business as both the Page and the Profile simultaneously.

Depending on your goals, you can choose whether to link the Group as Public or Private. A linked Public Group is visible to anyone, including non-followers, whereas a Private Group remains only accessible to group members. In addition, if you choose to link the Group as a Page and enable Group Insights, you'll only receive data about the Page's followers in the Group.

How to link a fb page to a group

If you have the admin role for both your Facebook page and the group, it's easy to create the connection between them. Using your page as the account in the group allows you to interact with shoppers via Messenger and build cohesive branding across both your Facebook page and the associated group.

To get started, first make sure you are logged in to your page account as your business. Click the icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page and select Account (if needed), then select Groups from the left menu.

Next, you'll want to switch back over to your business profile and select the Groups tab in the top navigation. Here you'll see a list of your currently managed groups, as well as the option to link an existing group or create a new Linked Group.

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