January 30, 2024

How to Know If You're Shadowbanned on TikTok

How to Know if You're Shadowbanned on Tiktok

Shadowbanning is when your content doesn’t appear on the “for you” page or in related searches on TikTok. This is a big problem because it limits your reach and makes it hard to attract new viewers. This can also be frustrating because it feels like your work isn’t being appreciated. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent shadow banning on tiktok. One thing is to avoid spammy behavior such as buying fake followers, overusing hashtags, and engaging in excessive liking or following. It’s also important to create authentic and interesting content that resonates with your audience.

Another thing that can cause a shadow ban is creating videos that violate Tiktok’s community guidelines. These include nudity, drug abuse or alcohol abuse, hate speech, copyrighted music or videos, and fake news. You should familiarize yourself with Tiktok’s community guidelines so that you can avoid any violations.

If you think that you’re being shadowbanned on tiktok, it’s best to check your “for you” page views to see if they are dropping dramatically. If they are, that’s a good indication that you may be under a shadow ban. In addition, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Tiktok app on your device to see if that helps resolve the issue. If that doesn’t help, you can also report the issue by tapping on the triple-dots icon and selecting “support”. From there, you can submit a feedback form.

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