January 30, 2024

How to Know If You're Shadowbanned on Hinge

Hinge doesn't tell you if you're shadowbanned, but the site will limit your visibility within the app. This can significantly reduce your interactions and overall experience on the dating app, especially if you're a regular liker or matchr. Getting into good standing on Hinge again isn't easy, but there are ways to get around a shadow ban.

One of the first signs you're being shadowbanned on hinge is a sudden lack of likes on your profile. While it's normal for your number of likes to drop after a few weeks, it's not so much when your profiles go eerily quiet, with little to no new likes on your profile.

Another sign you're being shadowbanned on Hinge is if you see profiles that you've previously deleted. While you can create multiple accounts on the site, it's important to use each account with a unique phone number and email address. Otherwise, Hinge may flag you for using the same identifying information across multiple accounts, which could result in a shadow ban.

It's also important to follow Hinge's Terms of Service. Don't spam other users with messages, use inappropriate photos or prompt answers, and don't try to scam other users by asking for money or personal information. If you violate the terms of service, you'll likely be permanently banned from the dating app. You can try to appeal a Hinge shadow ban, but it's not guaranteed that the company will reverse the decision.

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