January 30, 2024

How to Know If I'm Shadowbanned on TikTok

How to Know if I’m Shadowbanned on Tiktok

The term “shadow ban” has become one of the most terrifying things for new and seasoned TikTok creators alike. When a creator is shadow banned, their videos are not seen by other users on the platform and their growth, views, and likes begin to decline drastically.

It is thought that shadow bans occur when a creator inadvertently violates TikTok’s community guidelines, especially those related to violence, drugs, and self-harm. However, the rules are subjective and interpreting them correctly can be difficult. It’s also possible to get shadow banned for seemingly innocuous behavior such as liking a lot of other content on the platform or following a large number of accounts. These activities may seem harmless to most, but can be interpreted by TikTok as spamming behaviors and prolong the duration of a shadow ban.

If you’re wondering how to know if you’ve been shadowbanned on tiktok, the first thing you can do is check your view history on your profile. You can find this by clicking on your name on the top right of the app and selecting “View History”. If you notice a sudden drop in your views, it could be an indicator that you are being shadow banned by TikTok. Other signs of a shadow ban include a dramatic drop in your likes and comments. You can also use TikTok’s analytics to monitor the performance of your videos over time.

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