January 29, 2024

How to Hire a Marketing Person for Your Startup

A marketing person can help you promote your company’s products, services and offerings through different media channels. They should be proficient in digital marketing tools and understand the latest trends in marketing. Moreover, they should be able to use their creativity to develop new marketing strategies for your business. The right candidate should also have good interpersonal skills to effectively work with other team members, like sales and product, as well as external partners like marketing agencies and SMEs.

Hiring your first marketing person is a big bet for any startup, so make sure you take the time to find someone who will be a great fit for your team and company culture. Oftentimes, this means using behavioral assessments via scientifically validated tools that assess soft skills like communication ability and strategic and business mindset.

It’s important to remember that the field of marketing is a lot broader than most entrepreneurs think. There are different areas of specialization, such as social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and more. When a company is looking for its first marketing professional, it may be tempting to hire someone who has deep knowledge in one of these niches. But, the best marketers are a mix of thinkers and doers—they can analyze market research data and extrapolate that one little nugget of consumer insight but then turn around and write an amazing ad.

It’s important to make a clear job description when searching for your first marketing person. It should include a list of all of the areas of expertise you are looking for, so that candidates can determine if they are a fit for your company. Additionally, it’s helpful to offer take-home assignments or tests during the interview process to give candidates a taste of what they will be expected to do on the job.

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