January 30, 2024

How to Get Your YouTube Videos Recommended

How many times have you finished watching a video on YouTube and clicked on one of the suggested videos that appeared afterwards? This is the result of YouTube’s algorithms deciding which videos to show you and when, and it’s something that every YouTuber wants to be good at.

To do so, YouTube uses a combination of factors, including clicks, views, watch time, user surveys, shares, likes and dislikes to create the recommendations it shows each individual viewer. However, while some of these factors are out of a creator’s control, others can be significantly improved with a bit of effort.

One of the most important things is to make sure your videos are engaging and that viewers keep watching them. This will improve your AVD and CTR (click through rate). YouTube also pays attention to how satisfied a viewer is with a video. If they watched two minutes of a five-minute video and felt they got everything they needed from it, the video would be ranked higher than a video that was 10 minutes long but only lasted three minutes.

Another thing that works is to tap into trends. If you make a video about something that is popular right now, such as the Netflix series Squid Game, it will get recommended more than if you made a video about some obscure game no one’s heard of. Using chart-topping music for your videos is a tried and true way of getting them more recommended too. Lickd offers chart-topping music from the major record labels that’s proven to help increase engagement and AVD on YouTube videos.

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