February 22, 2024

How to Get Your Commercial on TV

Television advertising can be a great way to reach a large audience and get your small business's name out there. There are a few things you will need to do to get your commercial on tv, though. You will need to create a commercial and then buy time on a local TV station or cable system.

The first step is to decide how you want your commercial produced. You can choose to do it yourself, work with a local broadcast or cable company, or hire a media agency. Each choice offers a different production process and fits into different budgets.

Once you have determined how you want your commercial to be made, start planning out the details. This will include developing a script and creating a shot list, which is a document that divides your script into scenes and lists the necessary equipment needed for each scene. It is also a good idea to create storyboards, which are pieces of paper with rough drawings that outline each scene. These will help you avoid costly mistakes during filming.

Make sure your commercial is of high quality. When tens of thousands, and possibly millions, of people are exposed to your commercial, you don't want it to look cheap or unprofessional.

Purchase ad time on your preferred television station or network. The cost of airing a commercial will vary depending on the size of your target audience, the number of times it is seen, and when you plan to run the ad (such as during "sweeps" or "ROS"). You can usually find out how much your spot will cost by talking to the station directly.

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