January 31, 2024

How to Get Spam Accounts to Stop Following You on Instagram

A sudden influx of Instagram followers may be a sign of spam bots following you. These automated accounts are used to artificially boost follower counts, engage in other spammy or scamming activities, and collect user data for marketing purposes. They can also affect the experience of your real-life followers and damage your brand image.

Whether they’re from influencer marketing platforms that sell fake engagement, or random accounts that have overtaken your timeline, spam bots can have serious consequences for your business. They can cause you to look less credible to potential collaborators and distort the results of your Instagram insights. They can even send spam comments, spam DMs, and phishing attempts.

The most effective way to get these accounts to stop following you is to use the Instagram platform’s built-in features. First, check the account’s profile to make sure it isn’t a bot. Look for profile pictures that look pixelated or stolen, low follower-to-following ratios, and lack of posts. If you see one of these red flags, delete or hide the account.

If you can’t find or block the account, consider using a third-party management service that will filter out unwanted followers and help you clean your Instagram feed. This will help you keep the number of spam accounts following your Instagram page as low as possible while ensuring that you’re engaging with people who share your interests.

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