February 22, 2024

How to Get Rid of StumbleUpon Toolbar

StumbleUpon is a popular Internet tool that allows people to search the Web for interesting sites. The service consists of a website and a toolbar that users can install to their Internet browsers. When users click a button, StumbleUpon will display a random Web site. When they like a site, they can click a thumbs up or a thumbs down to indicate their preference. The more they "stumble" and rate Web pages, the better the site will become at matching their interests with new pages.

The website and the toolbar are free, but StumbleUpon also offers paid options that allow businesses to promote their products or services to targeted audiences. StumbleUpon users can also sign up to follow other members and receive recommendations based on those followers' interests. The StumbleUpon network includes more than 500 topics, such as art, technology, travel and food.

To begin using the StumbleUpon service, you must download and install the software. Once installed, a button labeled Stumble! appears in your Internet browser. When clicked, this button takes you to a new Web page. The page is a result of several inputs entered into the algorithm, including what you and other members have rated positively.

When you like a site, you can click the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons in the toolbar to add it to your favorites list. You can also use the comment icon to write a more detailed review of the page. You can also tag the site with one or more of its categories, such as video, news media and various types of blogs.

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