February 23, 2024

How to Get Rid of Facebook Interests on Tinder

Tinder — the popular dating app that matches people by location, interests and other criteria — hasn’t yet provided a way to fully remove Facebook interests from its service. However, it has made some steps to improve its privacy policies in recent months.

Previously, Tinder relied on Facebook integration to create profiles and pull in photos and information. It even showed your Facebook friends as potential matches, unless you specifically removed that option. This posed some privacy concerns as it could lead to unwelcome interference from friends or coworkers. In addition, it was possible for professional contacts to see your dating activities.

The app recently announced it would allow more control over profile data and interest selection in a new feature called Expanded Interests, which was scheduled to roll out this spring. However, it has since teased users that the feature might be delayed. Despite these changes, Tinder remains one of the most visible and heavily used dating apps on the market. It’s likely that a lack of user control and the close integration with Facebook will continue to make it a target for data privacy concerns.

To minimize exposure, try to log in using your email address instead of Facebook. This will prevent your Facebook friends from seeing your Tinder activity. Also, rename the file name of your pictures and clean EXIF data (download a free program such as Photo ExifCleaner). This will remove information about GPS coordinates and other details from the picture.

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