January 29, 2024

How to Get Rich Snippets on Baidu

As SEOs know, Google and Baidu are completely different search engines that require a very different approach to SEO. This is most evident on their SERPs, with Google more limited in their use of rich snippets and Baidu more extensive in both the quantity and quality of their rich snippets.

In fact, some studies have shown that up to 70% of Baidu page 1 is occupied by their own properties in rich snippets. These rich snippets are far more dynamic and interactive than those found on Google, often taking the form of vertical boxes with a variety of links or even JavaScript apps right on the SERP. Baidu also has a comprehensive partner program, using their Open Platform, to help businesses gain access to this real estate.

It’s important to note that while rich snippets can be used for almost any type of query, there are some types of snippets that are specifically designed to answer a user question as quickly and effectively as possible. These user experience-based rich snippets are present for most searches on Baidu, particularly those with less commercial intent. They can include things like weather, dictionaries, poems and quotes, calculators and more.

Getting these rich snippets on baidu requires a very different approach than on Google, as SEOs will need to utilize structured data markup in their pages in order to qualify. This can be done through specialized software that generates the markup and allows for easy deployment.

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