February 22, 2024

How to Get on a Podcast Network

Whether you podcast to promote your business or just for fun, getting on a network can boost your reach and production quality, and generate more ad revenue. Networks also provide you with support to help you fine-tune your production, and do cross promotions.

When you get on a podcast network, you are usually required to use the same hosting platform as the other podcasts in the network. This is so that they can more easily run ad campaigns for the shows, and track data. In addition, they typically have their own advertising sales team which will sell ads to brands and marketers on your behalf.

Most podcast networks are looking for large shows with a minimum of tens of thousands of downloads regularly per episode. However, if you can prove that your show is growing quickly, and has an engaged audience, it is still possible to get accepted into a network.

Once you are on a podcast network, you must adhere to their rules and guidelines, which can limit your creative control over the show. For example, the network may choose to rename your show or change its content. The network might also be able to legally veto content they feel does not align with their brand.

Before you pitch to a podcast network, carefully consider your goals and do some research. Find out what other shows in the network are doing, and how they have benefited from their relationship with the network.

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