January 31, 2024

How to Get More Views on Snapchat

With over 186 million users per day creating billions of Snaps daily, Snapchat offers a unique and incredibly engaged audience for marketers to reach. But with so many people competing for their attention, getting noticed can be a challenge.

Snapchat Stories are a great way to share your day with viewers in a fun, creative and engaging way. They appear in a viewer’s Snapchat feed and are only visible for a short amount of time, making them an effective way to increase your profile’s visibility.

Keep in mind that nearly 1/3 of your audience is going to have their sound on off, so it’s important to keep them captivated without it. Adding text on your screen is one of the best ways to do this.

Consistency is key to getting more views on your snaps and stories. A regular posting schedule serves two purposes: First, it keeps your followers engaged and in the know of what you’re doing each day. Secondly, it’s an effective strategy for boosting your content to the top of other’s Snapchat feeds via Snapchat’s algorithm.

Another way to get more views on your Snaps and stories is to promote them through other channels, like email newsletters. This will drive a more qualified and interested audience to your account. This also helps you to reach a wider range of demographics, since some of your Snapchat followers may not be on the platform yet. You can also use Snapchat’s Promote feature to highlight organic Story or Spotlight content that is driving high engagement.

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