February 23, 2024

How to Get More Views on eBay 2022

Selling on global eCommerce platforms like eBay requires you to optimize your listings. You can improve your performance by optimizing your listings for search engine optimization (SEO). This includes using effective keywords, utilizing high quality images and providing comprehensive product descriptions.

Another important factor is your seller ratings. Keeping your rating high is vital to your success as an eBay seller. If you have an issue with a buyer, work with them to resolve the problem so that you can get a positive rating from them. This will help you stand out among other sellers and boost your future views.

High quality product images are a must for any eBay listing. Make sure to include multiple shots of your product from different angles as well as close-ups and photos of the product in use. This will help you increase your eBay views and sales.

Having competitive prices is also essential for increasing your eBay views. This is because eBay uses your pricing when ranking items in the Best Matches section of search results. If you over-price your item, you will miss out on potential buyers and potentially lose your eBay views.

Finally, utilizing email marketing to bring customers back to your listing is another great way to increase eBay views. Sending reminders, special offers and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities will make your customer more likely to click on your listing again. This will ultimately lead to a higher eBay view count and a better conversion rate.

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