February 22, 2024

How to Get More Traffic on eBay

The most obvious way to get more traffic on ebay is through organic marketing channels like Facebook, Reddit and other communities of people with similar interests. Sharing your listings in these places gives you the opportunity to attract more targeted shoppers and increase your chances of converting them into sales.

Using high-quality photographs of your products is another great way to boost the visibility of your items. Good quality photos show shoppers what they’re getting for their money, and this is a big draw for both them and the eBay search engine Cassini.

Optimizing your listing titles for search is also important. However, you’ll find that just optimizing your titles won’t do enough to generate more views for your listings. This is because Cassini takes into account your sales history and the number of actual conversions that result from those listings as a ranking factor.

Finally, if you have a decent sized email list you can run email marketing campaigns to bring shoppers back to your listings by sending them reminders and cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. This can also help boost your seller account performance and improve your search rankings on eBay.

Lastly, you can use eBay’s Promoted Listings service to reach out to more buyers and drive more traffic and views to your listings. However, this is not a viable solution for everyone as it can cost a lot of money. Besides, it’s only a short-term solution as eBay will stop promoting your listings once they’ve reached their maximum ad spend limit.

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