January 31, 2024

How to Get More Pinterest Followers 2016

As a photo-based social media platform, Pinterest thrives on having a clear niche and target audience. This allows Pinners to feel like they are getting useful, relevant content that fits their interests. Having the right niche will also allow you to be seen by more people as your reach grows. For example, a party-based brand, Catch My Party, found that by focusing on photos of parties, women, and DIY projects, their content aligned perfectly with Pinterest and they quickly saw growth.

Create boards that are evergreen and relevant to your followers year-round. This is important because it shows that you are engaged and that your Pins are valuable. For example, a holiday board will get a lot of attention during the few weeks leading up to Christmas, but once December 26 is over, the relevance of that board will drop.

Ensure your profile is complete with a business name, contact information, a website link, and a description of what you offer potential followers. This will help people find you in search and will build your credibility via the halo effect.

It is also helpful to connect your other social accounts, especially if those accounts are business pages, to help attract more followers from those platforms. This will show up in your profile and give people the option to follow you on other platforms as well. Daniela of 007 Marketing used this tactic to quickly grow her followers and gain a following on her business page.

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