January 31, 2024

How to Get More Guys on Quick Add

If you find that your Quick Add list suggests all guys this is likely because you mostly communicate with men or are adding people from a predominantly male contact group. Snapchat takes this into account and will suggest users it thinks you will want to connect with.

There are a few ways to encourage it to suggest more girls. One is to disable contact syncing on your phone and then use public accounts of celebrities or influencers you follow (or know about). This will force Snapchat’s algorithm to suggest people it sees you talking about them or that are following them and will hopefully broaden the options to include more females in your suggestions.

Other ways to increase your exposure is to join active and engaged Snapchat groups. These are popular as spaces to discuss events in real time or as long-term stomping grounds for mutual friends to consistently share content. Various social media outlets, forums, and community groups host public and private Snapchat group chats that can be great sources of potential Quick Add connections. Snapchat’s algorithm weighs the type and volume of interactions with these communities in a similar way to how it factors engagement with high-profile accounts and corporate media pages.

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