January 30, 2024

How to Get More Followers on Musically 2016

The reality is that if you want to get noticed on social media you have to know how to promote music on it correctly. It takes a lot of time to get a track ready for release and to develop it so that people will love it, but it's equally important to spend the time needed to make sure you're promoting your music properly.

If you spam the feeds of your followers with hundreds of shady self-promotion posts urging them to buy your music you'll probably find that people will start to lose trust in you, and you'll end up on a lonely island of spammers. This isn't an effective way to get more fans on musically 2016.

Instead of buying likes or followers, focus on making genuine connections with your audience. If a person has taken the time to follow your account it is likely that they are a fan of you and your music. Similarly, if you have followed someone it is generally a good idea to give them a follow back unless they are obviously an annoyance or spammer.

You don't get much space to work with in your profile bio, but it's essential that you take the time to optimize it for your target audience. A short bio that explains what kind of music you make in an engaging way will help draw people into your profile.

Instagram is a great way for musicians to connect with their audiences and share the music they are proud of. If you aren't already using the platform as part of your promotional strategy we highly recommend that you do!

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