January 30, 2024

How to Get Into Enterprise Sales

For a sales rep, nothing is quite as satisfying as closing a large deal. It’s an affirmation that the product and company you sell are solving a real problem for your client and making their day-to-day easier. That’s why it’s no wonder that so many sales reps want to get into enterprise sales, working with larger companies on huge deals that take months to close. However, the daily grind in enterprise sales looks a lot different than standard sales roles - it requires more patience and perseverance.

Enterprise prospects can be tough because they know the market well and can smell BS from a mile away. As a result, you need to sell them on your solution by being transparent and honest from the start. It’s also important to tailor your pitch to the industry your prospect is in, as they will have their own unique buying cycle.

Lastly, in enterprise sales you need to build relationships with multiple people within the prospect's organization. This is a significant change from SMB sales, where a rep can often find one champion to evangelize the product. In enterprise sales, you may need to find champions in three or more lines of business.

In addition to this, the average enterprise deal size is much higher than a typical sales quota. This means you will need to have a strong demand-generation team in place to support your sales efforts and to manage opportunities from start to finish.

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