January 30, 2024

How to Get Interviewed on a Podcast

There are a lot of people trying to be interviewed on a podcast, which means that you need to really stand out. A big part of that is your subject line and the first paragraph of your email. You need to be able to tell the host exactly why they should pick you, and what value you will bring to the show.

When contacting a podcast host for an interview, be sure to follow up after the episode has been published and thank them again! This will solidify your relationship and keep you top of mind for future opportunities.

Often podcasts are looking for people that have a rags to riches story. This can be a business or personal journey that has led to great success. Podcasts also look for people who are experts in their field, which can be proven through a number of things like their education, experience, projects and achievements.

You should also have a strong social media presence and a website with valuable content. This will help your credibility and provide the host with more background information on you and what you do.

Some podcasts have an easy submission form, but others require that you get in touch with the host via email. If you don’t have the time to search for podcasts, sift through results, and contact each podcast host yourself, try using a service like Interview Connections. They will do the work for you in exchange for a monthly fee.

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