January 29, 2024

How to Get Back on the FYP on TikTok

There’s nothing worse than watching a video you enjoy, only to refresh your feed and see it disappear forever. That’s why getting back on the fyp on tiktok is the holy grail for many creators, and one of the best ways to get your content seen by more viewers.

There are many ways to improve your chances of landing on the For You page, but the most important is creating compelling, engaging content. Posting at the right time is also a factor, as you’ll want to make sure your videos are shown when your followers are online and most active on TikTok.

Lastly, it’s important to use captions and hashtags that are relevant to your content. Using popular hashtags like #fyp and #ForYou can help your video reach a wider audience, but don’t rely on them exclusively. Try to find more niche keywords that are less competitive, and include them in your captions and videos.

If you’re serious about your TikTok career, consider upgrading to a Pro account. This will give you access to a WorkSpace where you can connect with influencers and grow your following. It will also give you the opportunity to collaborate with other creators on TikTok, including duets and Stitches (we show you how to do both of these in this article). Collaborations are a great way to increase engagement, and the more engagement your content gets, the higher it will rank on the FYP.

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