January 31, 2024

How to Get Around Hinge Ban 2022

Once a user is banned from Hinge, they are indefinitely barred from the app and will no longer have access to any of their matches, messages or other data within the app. This is a permanent ban and can only be lifted by successfully appealing to the platform’s moderation team and convincing them your ban was in error. This article will explain how to get around hinge ban 2022 and help you get back on the app!

When trying to create a new account, it is important to use completely different information from your previous account. This means a new name, phone number and pictures. You should also try to sign up in a new location to avoid GPS or IP tracking. If you have access to a VPN, this is a great option as it will allow you to mask your current location and hide your IP address.

Using the same device you used to log into your old Hinge account will also flag it as a possible risky profile, so if you’re trying to get back on the app, you’ll need a fresh and clean device to use. You can do this by factory resetting your phone and creating a brand new device ID.

Once you’ve created a new account, open the Hinge app and tap “Your Account has been Banned” and click on “Here to submit an appeal.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your appeal submission form. Ensure you provide all the relevant information they request and give a detailed explanation of why you think your ban was in error. It is also helpful to acknowledge any mistakes you may have made and assure them that you won’t make the same mistake again in the future.

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