January 30, 2024

How to Get a Press Release Picked Up

How you pitch your press release can make or break its chances of being picked up. Journalists receive hundreds of pitches a day, and yours has to stand out.

Start by building a list of journalists who may be interested in your story, and then finding their contact details. You can do this for free using tools like LinkedIn or Twitter, or paid PR and media relations software such as Prowly, which includes a contact database with over a million journalists.

Your subject line is one of the first things that will grab a journalist's attention when your press release hits their inbox. It should tell them exactly what your story is about, and be no longer than the character limit for their email provider (check this with an online character counter). Avoid clickbait or 'PITCH:' phrases such as 'BOO!' - this comes across as self-absorbed and irritating.

Include quotes in your press releases if possible, to add personality and credibility. Try to keep them short and to the point - it's best to get the most important ones at the top, where they'll be most visible.

Once your press release is published, make sure you share it on your social channels, with relevant hashtags and a link to your website. This will help you drive more traffic and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) - especially if you use a distribution tool such as Newswire that also gives performance analytics, including metrics like media coverage and views.

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