January 29, 2024

How to Get 10k Subscribers on Snapchat

Snapchat is a bonafide moneymaker for some savvy creators who know how to take advantage of the platform’s unique features. Some creators post frequently to Spotlight, sign brand deals, and even create AR lenses to earn cash.

It all comes down to creating great value for your audience on the platform. To get more subscribers, you should make content that leans into your quirks, thoughts, and style, not just try to replicate the success of others.

The separation of content from friendship built into Snapchat is a powerful feature for brands. The app separates a Snapchatter’s friends’ and a business’ Snaps from one another in the Subscription Carousel, and may also separate them in the Discover feed for non-subscribed users. For this reason, it’s best for businesses to focus on gaining Snapchat subscribers (and not just adding Snapchatters as friends) to maximize their reach.

When it comes to making Snapchat videos, the more entertaining, engaging, and creative they are, the more likely you are to grow a subscriber base. To do this, stay updated on trending topics and produce a mix of videos to appeal to different audiences. For example, producing humorous challenges or dance videos can boost viewership and engagement, especially when accompanied by popular music. Likewise, the use of Bitmoji can also enhance your brand’s visibility. In addition, Snapchat now offers a ‘Shared Stories’ feature which is perfect for collaborating with your audience and growing a subscriber base.

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