January 31, 2024

How to Gain Marketing Experience

A good marketing degree is a solid starting point, but employers want to see work experience in your application. While internships and other formal work experiences are key, you can also gain marketing experience through freelance projects, side jobs or by creating mock campaigns to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Taking the initiative to create marketing opportunities is key in getting yourself ahead of the competition when it comes time to apply for roles. Network with other marketers at your internship and at industry events and webinars, connect on professional platforms like LinkedIn and attend or take online courses to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing techniques.

Non-profit volunteering and marketing volunteer positions nurture a diverse skill set by teaching you to adapt to limited resources, think creatively, and manage campaigns under tight deadlines. These types of experiences are great ways to stand out to employers as they demonstrate your ability to work under pressure and think on your feet.

Freelancing and side projects offer practical exposure to various marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your portfolio and show prospective employers. These can range from social media marketing to content creation and ad campaigns. Online selling is another area of marketing that is becoming increasingly important for businesses, especially as more and more consumers are turning to buying products and services online. Understanding the different ecommerce marketing strategies and how to implement them is therefore a valuable skill for any marketer to have.

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