February 23, 2024

How to Follow Topics on Pinterest in 2017

Pinterest has always been a little bit different than the other social media platforms in how it shows you content. They have a Smart feed that shows you curated pins and boards based on your past behaviors and the things that you follow. But they also have a home feed that is basically your own personal home page and can show you a wide variety of topics and pins from people and accounts that you follow.

In order to make it easier for you to find content that interests you, they introduced the ability to follow topics in 2017. These are broad categories that allow you to see all of the related pins from your followers and accounts. This can be a great way to discover new ideas or find inspiration if you are looking for something specific.

You can select the red follow button next to each topic to start following it. Once you have followed a topic, it will appear on your home feed and any subsequent searches that you perform will show you pins that relate to that subject.

As a business, this feature can be really helpful to get your pins in front of a specific audience and increase your reach. It’s important to choose board topics based on a) your main content pillars (the things that you are going to be pinning about) and b) the keywords that you want to target.

In addition to choosing the right boards for your topics, it’s also a good idea to use hashtags on every one of your pins. When you are creating a pin, you will have the option to add a tag. When you select a tag, you will see a list of suggested hashtags that are relevant to your topic. Adding a few of these tags to each pin can help you get your pins listed in a topic on the home feed or search results pages.

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