February 24, 2024

How to Fix Not Set in Google Analytics Reports

As digital marketers we love Google Analytics but there are times when we have to deal with the dreaded (not set) appearing in our reports. It is not always a big deal but when it occurs in reports that influence important strategic decisions then you should take the time to fix it as soon as possible.

The reason that the report shows a (not set) value in this situation is because the referring website has not sent any session data to GA. This could be due to a mis-tagged link or an error in the tracking implementation on the site. This is a common problem for eCommerce websites that sell a lot of products. When someone clicks a product and then opens another tab to compare prices and other details they are considered a new visitor and a new session, but without any information coming back to GA the session is marked as a (not set).

Another reason you may see a lot of (not set) in your Acquisition reports is because you have not correctly linked your Google Adwords account with Analytics. If you have this configured incorrectly then traffic will be marked as (not set) even if it is from a paid campaign.

In the Source/Medium report, this is usually a sign that you have not properly tagged your campaign links using utm parameters. Similarly, if you are working with call tracking solutions that integrate with your Google Analytics account then there is the possibility that the tagged URLs are not matching up. This can happen when users save the tracking phone number and then call it hours later.

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