January 31, 2024

How to Fix My FYP on TikTok

Getting stuck in an algorithmic rut can be frustrating, especially when the TikTok app starts showing you content that's no longer relevant to your interests. If you're seeing videos on your FYP that don't match your current tastes, you may need to proactively shift your engagement habits in order to signal this change to the TikTok algorithm.

One of the most direct ways to reset your TikTok algorithm is to clear your watch history. This removes any misguided video recommendations and gives the algorithm a clean slate.

Another way to reset your TikTok algorithm is by actively curating your following list with accounts that create videos in your areas of interest. This also teaches the algorithm what kinds of videos you like and encourages it to recommend similar content going forward. You can also strategically like videos that are in line with your interests, preferably ones that have a heart icon on them. Double-tapping on these videos amplify your signals to the algorithm.

If you have tried all of these tips and your FYP still doesn't accurately reflect your interests, you can always reset it by clearing your TikTok watch history. This is the most drastic option but may be necessary if your account has been compromised by an unauthorised user or if you're experiencing an issue with your algorithm that cannot be resolved through other methods. TikTok also offers in-app support and feedback channels that you can use to explain your problem directly to the company.

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