January 31, 2024

How to Find Your Posts on LinkedIn

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms among professional users. It’s a business-oriented network that allows members to connect with experts and professionals worldwide to learn more about their industry, and it offers a variety of ways for its users to promote themselves and showcase their skills.

However, like most major social networks, LinkedIn has some limitations when it comes to tracking and locating posts. This article will explore several methods for effortlessly finding your LinkedIn posts, including using 3rd party tools and browser extensions.

The first step to finding your LinkedIn posts is to navigate to your profile page and access your activity section. From there, select the “Posts” tab to view all of your LinkedIn-published posts. From there, you can filter your posts by various criteria to help you find specific posts or track their performance over time.

LinkedIn’s feed does not display posts in chronological order, which can make it difficult to locate content that you’ve posted. Instead, the platform prioritizes content that has received a high number of views or engagement. This can lead to posts being hidden from your timeline or even being missed altogether by connections.

Thankfully, there are some easy-to-use tools and plugins that can make it easier to locate your LinkedIn posts. For example, the AuthoredUp tool can provide you with a complete list of your LinkedIn posts and their data metrics in one place. This includes post impressions, reactions and likes, user comments, and detailed stats on who has viewed your posts.

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