January 30, 2024

How to Find Your LinkedIn SSI Score

How to Find Your LinkedIn SSI Score

The SSI score is one of the most important metrics for sales professionals on LinkedIn. It helps you track your progress in establishing a professional brand, identifying prospects and building relationships. While it is important to check your SSI score regularly, it’s also critical to have a clear understanding of what the metric actually measures and why it matters.

A high SSI score indicates that you are active on LinkedIn, and that you’re engaging with other users in meaningful ways. This is measured by the amount of content you post, whether it’s updates, articles or questions, and the depth of your comments and reshares. It’s important to focus on sharing authentic, relevant and helpful content that your audience will find valuable.

Your SSI score is also affected by how well you engage with your existing network. This is measured by how many connections you have, the quality of those connections and your activity within your existing network.

A good SSI score indicates that you are connected to people who could help you reach your goals in business. This is measured by your ability to connect with people in your industry — for example, by using LinkedIn’s native search function or Sales Navigator to find prospects or hiring managers who may be interested in what you sell. You can also improve your SSI score by actively searching for new prospects — for example, by using the People You May Know feature or LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search options (some of which are only available to premium account holders). This is a great way to build your business and get in front of people who you would otherwise never have found.

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