January 30, 2024

How to Find Your Competitors Ads

As you begin to build out your marketing strategy, understanding what your competitors are doing is essential. Identifying their messaging, targeting and visuals can help you shape your own ads. However, navigating competition can be tricky, especially in the digital space, where ad campaigns are often run across multiple platforms and channels.

Luckily, ad monitoring tools can make the process easier. Using these tools to find your competitors’ ads is an invaluable piece of research that can save you time, money and several headaches down the road.

Start with Facebook’s Ad Library

Facebook’s Ad Library enables you to search, view and analyse your competitor’s active ads on their platform. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as well as the Facebook Audience Network.

When you enter a competitor’s name, their Facebook ads will be displayed with all their active advertising campaigns. Clicking on a specific ad will reveal details such as their estimated monthly budget, the ad copy, the ad placement and more.

Another great tool for examining your competitor’s ad activity is Similarweb. This tool allows you to go in-depth and learn about the keywords your competitor bids on as well as how they adapt their ad campaigns based on performance.

As you are researching your competitors’ ads, remember to study, not copy! While it can be tempting to use a successful ad as inspiration for your own, avoid duplication as this can damage brand credibility and lead to costly mistakes. Ultimately, the goal of competitor analysis is not to spy on your competitors but rather to identify gaps in your own marketing strategy and generate more effective advertising campaigns.

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