January 30, 2024

How to Find Out If You Are Shadowbanned on Twitter

Shadowbanning is a twitter limitation that limits the reach of tweets. A significant drop in engagement metrics on your posts could mean that you’re experiencing this invisible ban. Some of the common symptoms of this ban include a lower visibility in list feeds and replies. If you’re using your Twitter account for digital marketing, this can be a big problem as it will not only hurt your social media engagement but will also affect the traffic to your website and other online platforms that depend on your tweets.

A quick way to find out if you are shadowbanned is to check your engagement metrics and stats. You can do this on Twitter’s analytics page. This tool shows you a 28-day summary of your Twitter engagement metrics and provides you with detailed information about the reach of your tweets. Look for a drastic decrease in your retweets, likes, and replies. You can also use Twitter’s new view count feature to see how many people viewed your posts in the past.

Another quick way to see if you are shadowbanned on twitter is to log in with an alternate account and go through your timeline. You can also try to retweet your own post from an alternate account to see if it goes through or not. Finally, there are third-party services that will perform a Twitter shadowban test for you. However, it is always a good idea to do a background check on these companies before giving them your twitter account details.

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