February 23, 2024

How to Find Celebrities on Snapchat

Celebrities aren't just on Snapchat for their horny college kids and giant taco filters, they also use the app to share behind-the-scenes looks at their daily lives. You can follow them on their travels, see them on the set of a movie or show, and even watch them get their makeup done. Whether you want to laugh or cry (or both), it's hard not to be hooked on their Snap stories.

Unfortunately, if you don't have their Snapcode, finding celebrities on Snapchat can be difficult. Snapchat recently made it a little easier by adding a search feature, but it's not the most intuitive system. To find a celebrity, you'll need their username. You can find them by tapping the Snapchat icon in the top left corner of your screen, then selecting Add Friends and choosing Add by Username. From there, you can enter a name or emoji to find your celebrity.

For example, you can look for "official" emojis to find celebrities like Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, singer Rihanna, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, and reality TV superstar Gigi Hadid. Then tap Add next to the result to follow them on Snapchat.

If you're looking for a good laugh, Lewis Capaldi is the one to follow. The Doctor Who actor is always joking around or sharing quirky videos on his Snapchat, and he's sure to keep you entertained. Then there's comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who has been known to use her Snapchat to tease viewers with upcoming guest appearances on her show. She also regularly shares her own hilarious snaps, including a recent series of selfies at the airport.

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