February 23, 2024

How to Edit Video on Tiktok

When it comes to creating videos, Tiktok provides a range of tools and effects to help creators add personality, appeal and value. With a few simple steps, you can use the built-in video editing features of the app to make your videos look more professional and engaging.

The first step is to select a clip you want to edit and tap the edit button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you tap this, the video will play through on a loop and there are various options to change it; including the ability to adjust clips, add text captions, use voice effects and even select the cover for your video.

After selecting a clip, you can also choose to edit the audio using the built-in features on Tiktok. You can change the volume, remove background noise and change the speed of the audio. The Adjust Clips feature allows you to reorder, trim and replace sections of your clip as well as a whole video. This is an important part of making a video as it allows you to fine tune the video and ensure it has a smooth flow.

You can also add text captions to your videos to help communicate key information and amplify the message of your video. There are a range of font, alignment and style options to allow you to customize the on-screen text on your video to fit the tone and theme of your video. Make sure that any text you use does not contain any words that violate the community guidelines of Tiktok, such as those relating to death, self-harm, sexual content and violence.

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