January 29, 2024

How to Edit Clips in Tiktok

Whether you're sharing a new video or working with one you've already uploaded, Tiktok gives you a lot of options to make it your own. But what if you want to add some effects, tweak the music or trim your clip's length? That's where the Adjust clips feature comes in handy.

On the Adjust Clips screen, you'll see a preview of your video at the top and the timeline of frames beneath it. Then there are thick handles on either side you can move to change your clip's start and end points. Using the handles makes it easier to cut your clip to the exact size you need.

When you're finished, tap Save in the top-right corner. Now your edited clip is ready to post or save to drafts.

If your videos lack sound, or you want to narrate your text captions but aren't comfortable with recording your voice, use the app's built-in text-to-speech. You can choose from a number of different voices to narrate your video, including Chipmunk, Robot, Megaphone and more.

Tiktok allows you to upload videos from your camera roll in high resolution. You can also import videos from other apps and platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. And if you want to create professional-looking videos, tools like Descript let you add studio-quality audio and even greenscreen video effects. This way you can focus on creating content that's sure to wow your audience.

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