February 23, 2024

How to Edit a Posted TikTok Video

Whether it’s fixing a small mistake or giving your video that final touch, editing is an important part of the video creation process. However, once you post a video on Tiktok, you cannot edit it anymore. That’s why many people are wondering – can you edit a posted tiktok video? In this article, we’ll explore different techniques and tools that will allow you to make changes even after your video has been uploaded.

Before uploading a video, be sure to read the terms of service to ensure that your content follows the guidelines set by TikTok. Also, remember to add a description and select a cover photo. On the next page, you can also decide who can view your video, as well as choose whether you want to enable comments, Duets, or Stitches (where other users can record a video that will appear after yours).

Once you’re satisfied with your video, tap “Post” to share it. You can also save it as a draft, which will allow you to make more changes before it’s published.

TikTok allows you to add text and stickers to your videos. Tap the Text tool to insert a title, caption, or annotation. You can customize the font and color as needed. You can also use the Stickers tool to search for animated GIFs or emojis. To position a sticker, simply drag it to a desired spot on your screen. You can even select multiple text and stickers to apply to your video.

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