February 23, 2024

How to Drive Webinar Attendance

With the boom of webinars, live events and content marketing, competition is fierce for attendees. To drive webinar attendance, marketers need to provide compelling value and reach attendees on their terms.

Webinar registration and landing pages must be clear and concise in messaging, with a strong benefit-driven call to action that connects to a webinar signup form. Including a short video promo is another effective way to grab audience attention. Video is also an excellent way to demonstrate the expertise of your speaker, adding more incentive to attend.

Once your audience registers for your webinar, send periodic reminder emails to help them block out the time. A week prior, include a short promotional video that whets their appetite on what they’ll learn in the webinar (but don’t set the bar too high, scarcity creates demand). The day of the event, email registrants to remind them again and include a link to the pre-webinar Q&A session if available.

Don’t forget to promote the on-demand recording afterward to your webinar attendees and other interested parties. This is a great opportunity to encourage audience engagement and to collect data that will allow you to optimize future events. A good webinar should also close with a live Q&A session, where your speakers and experts can answer questions directly from the audience.

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