January 29, 2024

How to Do a Voice Tweet on Twitter

Twitter (TWTR) is introducing voice tweets, which allow users to share audio messages with their followers beyond the 140-character limit. The feature will roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

To create a voice tweet, simply open the Tweet composer and tap the wavelength icon next to the camera button. Then hit record to share your thoughts with the world.

You can use voice tweets to answer questions from your followers or to show off your personality. Share anecdotes from your day or even sing snippets of popular songs to show your followers who you are.

The maximum length of a voice tweet is two minutes and 20 seconds, but any longer message will be automatically threaded into multiple tweets. Like regular tweets, you can still attach photos and hashtags to your voice tweet. Twitter also offers the option to add captions to your voice tweets so people who are hearing-impaired or have their sound muted can enjoy your message.

When you're ready to publish your voice tweet, it will appear as a normal tweet with an attachment and your current profile photo as the thumbnail. Your listeners can click the thumbnail to play the audio. They can also view a transcript of the audio in a pop-out window. Voice tweets are only available on the Twitter app for iOS at this time. But Twitter says it'll roll out to Android in the future.

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