January 29, 2024

How to Do a Podcast on Facebook

Podcasting is a huge part of the current social media landscape. It has been growing in popularity and with the younger generation coming of age, it’s expected they will be more accustomed to this type of audio content than previous generations. With this, Facebook has been expanding its audio offerings and integrating with podcasts, as well as live audio rooms, giving creators more options to promote their shows on the platform.

One of the most useful additions has been a new way to share and promote a podcast. The ability to connect your podcast RSS feed to your page means that episodes of your show will be automatically aggregated and posted on your news feed. It is a great feature for creators and listeners alike and it’s a good way to expose your content to a bigger audience.

You can connect your podcast RSS feed to a Page you manage by going into the Settings of that page and clicking on Podcasts. You will need to provide the hashed email address of the administrative account that’s associated with your podcast feed (typically a team member’s personal account) and then click Continue to have a unique verification code sent to that address.

Afterwards, you will see a Podcast tab appear on your page that will list all of your available podcast episodes. To create a post featuring an episode, simply go into the Create Clip mobile app and select the podcast to use as your source. It will open up a preview window showing the episode thumbnail and a waveform of the audio. You can then edit your clip by adding text, a photo, or video and then tap Share to post.

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