February 23, 2024

How to Disavow Links in Ahrefs

As an SEO, you will most likely need to disavow links at some point. The first step is to identify them by performing a backlink audit. This can help you discover any spammy links that are negatively impacting your rankings. You can then try to get them removed or simply disavow them. Disavowing links should be a last resort, but it can be useful in cases where you can't get the spammy links removed.

How To Disavow Links In Ahrefs

You can use Ahrefs to prepare a list of harmful backlinks and then upload it to Google Search Console's disavow tool. Google has detailed the step-by-step process, including formatting the txt file, on their page. You should always download the most recent disavow file from GSC before submitting a new one. That's because a previous webmaster or agency may have already made a disavow file.

The main reason you might want to use the disavow tool is to tackle penalties that you've been imposed by Google. For example, if you're receiving a lot of notifications about spammy backlinks, then it's likely that you have been penalised. You can use the disavow tool to tackle this issue, and it will usually have a positive effect on your SERP ranking.

When you're ready to make your list of disavowed backlinks, you can begin by navigating to the left-hand side of the Ahrefs dashboard and selecting "Disavow Links." From there, you can select which domains you want to include in your list. You can also choose to only disavow pages that contain certain words or phrases. This is a great way to avoid accidentally disavowing good, natural backlinks.

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