February 22, 2024

How to Destroy a Company From the Outside

Building a great company takes time and effort from all stakeholders. Destroying a company, however, is surprisingly easy. We’ve all seen products, celebrities and companies that have suddenly gone from being the hottest thing to out of business within a matter of hours or even days due to one bad misstep. The key is to damage a company from the inside out.

The most effective way to destroy a successful company is to create a toxic culture. This can be done in many ways. Having employees gossip about each other, publicly ridiculing someone who made a mistake or criticizing them in public are all ways to create a war zone in the workplace that will quickly destroy productivity and morale. The best way to counter this is to promote a healthy culture of open communication and support of the people in the organization.

Another effective way to destroy a company is to simply ignore corporate values and culture. For example, I’ve seen managers ignore the importance of having a high-performance work culture in order to focus on hitting profit targets. I’ve also seen managers ignoring the need to maintain an efficient quality assurance process in favour of focusing on growing the client base.

To counter this you need to be very careful when hiring people. Make sure that all senior managers and directors are capable of answering No to all 3 questions outlined above. It is also a good idea to hire only those who are interested in the business and the product/service it offers.

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