January 31, 2024

How to Delete a Goal in Google Analytics

Google Analytics doesn't allow you to delete goals, but that's for good reason. Deleting a goal would mean losing data about your website's performance over time. It would also skew numbers in historical reports. Instead, you can set a goal to inactive, which stops it from contributing to your reports while preserving any completions it has already recorded.

There are different types of goals you can set up, like Duration goals, Pages per session goals and Event goals. Duration goals track the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. Pages per session goals measure how many pages a visitor visits during a single visit. And event goals are used to track things like clicks on specific buttons, form submissions or downloads.

When setting up a new goal, be sure to name it something easily recognizable and relevant. This will appear in all of your google analytics reports, so it's important that the name is clear and descriptive. Also remember to check the box to enable a funnel for that particular goal. This will help you identify the steps a visitor takes to get to your conversion point.

Aside from being able to create new goals, you can also edit existing ones. However, Google recommends that you try to avoid re-purposing goals if possible. This is because a change in goal parameters may impact past goal completions, making it hard to see the pattern of conversions on your site.

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