January 29, 2024

How to Delete a Dispo Account

Over the past few weeks a new photo app called Dispo has been blowing up in the app store. It was created by a social media influencer named David Dobrik and acts like a disposable camera. When you open the app you see your profile and a flash icon that has a number in it. When you swipe through the photos it is like watching your photo reels develop. You can create a roll to save your photos and then you add people to those rolls to collaborate on photos with each other.

You can also make your Dispo account public or private to share photos with other people. Adding people to a roll lets them view the photos and comment on them. The collaboration aspect of the app is pretty cool and it has a lot of potential for being more than just another social media platform. But there are a few issues with the app that are pretty clear. The app is very ad heavy and it takes up a ton of space on your phone. You have to pay for the full version of the app to get rid of the ads and have more space on your phone.

To delete your Dispo account, you need to contact the company’s support team. You can find your username by tapping your profile image in the bottom-right corner of the Dispo app. You can also search for someone using the magnifying glass icon.

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