January 30, 2024

How to Deep Link to an App

Whether users see your campaign on social media, on their website or in a search engine result, they need to know how to get to the screen that matters most. With deep links, you can streamline the user journey and reduce churn – plus, it’s easy to drive app installs with accurate, contextual links that let users discover your content with little friction.

To create a deep link to an app, first identify the page or content you want to direct users to within your app. Then, define your link association with a custom URI scheme or App Links (depending on the programming language and platforms you’re using). Once you’ve configured your links, test that they work properly.

For example, let’s say you send an email promotion to a user who has previously purchased your product – this way they can tap the deep link and be instantly navigated to the specific item they bought or completed their order. The experience is seamless and eliminates any ambiguity about how to proceed – boosting conversions and revenue.

It’s important to remember that mobile users can change their link-handling behavior, so you should design your deep links with this in mind. For example, if you send a link that is intended to open in your Android app, it could still open in a browser or another app chosen by the user – so it’s important to test your links on actual devices and emulators.

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