February 23, 2024

How to Crosspost on Facebook

If you’re managing multiple Facebook Pages, crossposting is a great way to drive views, tackle the algorithm and share more content without re-uploading. Video crossposting allows you to leverage all of the benefits of a global uploaded video (view count, engagement etc) on each page you’re sharing it with, without having to re-upload and create a new post. It’s also a quick and easy way to boost your posts and content, and save on social media team resource. We’ve seen some incredible results with our client pages who use this feature, boosting their page reach and engagement without requiring bespoke content creation.

To set up a crossposting relationship, go to your Page settings and select the ‘Cross-Posting’ tab. You can then select the Page or Pages you’d like to allow your live videos to be crossposted to. Note that a live crosspost will only be visible to viewers on the Page where it is posted, and comments and reactions from that Page will not appear on your Page’s video.

Once a crossposting relationship has been established, you can also use the feature in Creator Studio. When creating a video post, simply tap the Facebook icon to select which page you’d like to crosspost to. The available pages are the ones you’ve previously allowed to crosspost to in your Page settings. You can also access the list of pages that you’ve crossposted to in the Outputs tab in Switcher Studio.

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