February 23, 2024

How to Create Curiosity for Your Offer

Whether in a TV commercial, an online advertisement or a headline, it’s important to spark interest and pique the audience’s curiosity. Curiosity marketing can increase clicks on an email, get people to read a blog post or watch a video. It can also help businesses grow their customer base and generate more sales.

One common way to spark curiosity is to tease the audience with a mystery. For example, a television show may pique viewers’ curiosity by showing an empty storage unit and then cutting to a commercial that promises “The Secrets of (Product Name).” Other examples of curiosity marketing include quizzes and GIFs. The key to effective curiosity marketing is to make the information personally relevant to the audience. It’s also important to avoid using bawdy rumors or crass gossip, which can turn off audiences and damage brands.

Salespeople can use curiosity to their advantage when cold calling potential customers. For instance, a rep can ask a prospect about their current business issues and then tell them how their solution would solve the problem. In addition to demonstrating their expertise, this approach also creates trust and establishes a connection with the prospect.

Businesses can train employees to be more curious by encouraging team members to question everything they see and read. The goal is to find new angles and solutions that can enhance the company’s offerings. Companies can also administer curiosity assessments to determine the level of inquisitiveness among employees, which is an indicator of their potential for innovation and creativity.

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