January 29, 2024

How to Create Content That Converts

Creating content is easy, getting it to convert into a desired action is the tricky part. The best way to ensure that your content converts is to think about it in terms of a sales funnel. Your content needs to draw the reader in, keep them reading, and ultimately push them towards converting into a lead or a customer.

To do this you must think about your audience, their needs and goals when creating content. You can do this by creating content for different stages of the customer journey or addressing different search intent keywords that are relevant to your audience.

You must also consider how to create content that converts on a variety of devices and screen sizes. This means that you must use a mix of formats such as blog articles, video blogs, podcasts and social media posts. This will allow you to reach your audience on all platforms.

Finally you must be clear and direct in your content. Your readers came to your page because they want something so give it to them. Make sure your content is clear and concise from the start of the article to the end. This will avoid confusing the reader and keep them engaged.

One final thing to think about when writing content that converts is the use of persuasive techniques like reciprocity, social proof, scarcity etc. These are all great ways to make your content stand out and get people to take the desired action on your page.

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