January 30, 2024

How to Create an Attribution Link For Your Book

Amazon Attribution is a (relatively new) feature for books that allows you to track the sales generated from your off-Amazon marketing. It does this by creating custom links that are parameterized with information about the listing they link to. This information is then gathered by the system and aggregated into key metrics that are viewable in the Amazon Attribution dashboard or downloaded as reports.

The information that is tracked includes Marketplace clicks, units sold and Referral Bonus sales. All of these metrics are based on a 14 day last touch attribution window.

How to Create an Attribution Link

To get started you’ll want to log into the Amazon Attribution dashboard and create a campaign. This is how you’ll classify the traffic from your different sources like Facebook ads, your website or any other paid platform that drives traffic to your book listings on Amazon.

Once you have created the campaign you’ll want to start adding the titles you’d like to track. To do this select the Add All On This Page link for each title that you’d like to track in this campaign.

Once you have all the titles added you’ll want to generate an Attribution Link for this campaign. This is a link that you’ll put into your Ads, blog posts, social media and anywhere else that you promote your book. When clicked on, this will redirect the visitor to your product detail page or Amazon store so they can see all the information about your book including the buy button and the customer reviews.

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