February 22, 2024

How to Create a Vanity URL

Vanity URLs have a number of benefits that marketers can leverage in their campaigns. They are easier to remember, and they can help boost your SEO because search engines favor keywords in a URL. They also make it easy for users to share your links, increasing click-through rates and overall site traffic.

Using a vanity URL helps your brand become more recognizable in the mind of the consumer, and it also allows you to differentiate between marketing channels so you can measure their success. This helps you improve your ROI and optimize your future campaigns.

The Vanity URL feature enables you to create short, easy-to-memorize links that redirect to pages on your website. These are useful for social media campaigns, email marketing, and linking to other pages on your website.

When creating a vanity URL, keep in mind that it should include as few characters as possible, so it is easy to remember and type into the address bar. You can use keywords in your slug to improve SEO, but don’t overdo it or the URL will appear spammy. In addition, capitalize the first letter of each word to improve readability because the brain prioritizes capital letters over lowercase ones.

When creating a vanity URL, you can also choose to redirect to other pages on your site by selecting the Redirect to option when creating or editing the URL. You can select a specific folder or page, or you can enter a regular expression to match the URL. If you select the option to Redirect to other pages on your site, you can also select a Redirect style, which determines how the Vanity URL will be applied.

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